I am Angela Bacchi and I am a communication arts graduate student at NYIT .  I have a bachelor of fine arts in English also from NYIT. I graduated in May of 2010.  As an undergraduate my focus of study was literature and culture.  In addition to literature classes I also took classes in TV Production, theater as well as political science and history.  The focus of my masters in communication arts is journalism and writing online.

During my time as an undergraduate at NYIT I was in the work study program. I worked in the office of admissions performing many clerical tasks such as organizing documents submitted to the college by applicants so they could be entered into the digital system.  I also worked in Wisser Memorial Library where I managed the circulation deck assisting students as well as organized the shelves.

As part of the theater production class I acted in 4 plays over two years as well as preformed various behinds the scenes positions such as costume designer and assistant stage manager.

I am an avid reader. I enjoy reading mostly fantasy and science fiction stories.  My favorite author is Douglas Adams creator of the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy series.  I’m very attracted to his sense of humor ability in satire that is prevalent in his works.  I also read comics and am very fond of Neil Gamain’s work Sandman.  I’m also very fond of Anime where again I enjoy watching Science Fiction shows.  I’m currently attracted to older space opera’s such as Space battleship Yamato and Captain Harlock.

I’m a member of RVT Streaming network that includes video reviews, podcasts and let’s plays on anime, wrestling, and power ragners/toku.  There I’m a panelist on the Rising Sun podcast which is broadcast live on the RVT youtube channel every other Monday night.


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